See how Getting a Grip increased their bookings with this strategy.


Getting a Grip are Time Management specialists.   Robyn (The Time Queen) wanted to increase her bookings through creating a meaningful connection with her target audience on a regular basis.

Campaign target audience

Business owners

Their simplified marketing plan

To create the meaningful connection between Robyn and her clients we established an early morning breakfast club, held once a month in different locations.  Each session covered different aspects of Time Management and was filled with easy to implement strategies. 

The Breakfast Club gave the Robyn the opportunity to showcase her skills and knowledge.   She was also able to engage with guests one-on-one at the end.


By implementing our simplified marketing strategy, Robyn generated a fantastic increase in bookings and return on investment from The Breakfast Club, which ran for three years across three cities. Getting a Grip is still getting work today as a result of this initiative which started in 2010.