Marketing strategy session

In half a day we’ll transform you from being engulfed by marketing mayhem to getting your marketing strategy sussed.

Get over your marketing paralysis

Let’s get a handle on what’s going on, where you’re at and where you want to be.

Confidently implement a clear plan

We’ll put in place a simplified marketing plan, with clear objectives and goals.

Create the business you deserve

And feel confident that you’re on your way to business success.

Get a marketing plan that works

"We recently had the opportunity to work with Sarah. I can't tell you how this changed my thinking and mind set on marketing, and where to spend your money wisely etc. With a small budget this seemed like the last area to spend money and surely we could just fudge it right??!!

I went into it nervous and feeling like I knew nothing about this area of our business. But Sarah was amazing and helped us to put our thoughts and ideas into an actionable plan. I don’t feel so overwhelmed anymore and am so excited about the next steps!"


Karen Van Dolleweerd

Don’t let your marketing strategy fail you.
Fire it before it does anymore damage.

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Get a marketing plan that works

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And we’ll talk about what your goals are.

Give me half a day

Come alone or bring your team for a private strategy session

Get rid of roadblocks

Leave with a clear, simplified plan to get your marketing on track.

Get a marketing plan that works.

Six month business growth package

So you did the ½ day marketing strategy session. Now what?

There’s nothing worse than setting up a clear, simplified plan and getting back to the office and work just gets in the way. All those good intentions get stopped by a big, ugly roadblock.

If you’re ready to invest in your marketing and see the biggest surge in your business then I can help you achieve this.

Take your simplified marketing strategy

Get accountability and support to stick to the plan

Breakthrough your marketing roadblocks

We’ll break your goals down into small, achievable actions that we can review and build on every fortnight over a six month period. So you can feel in control and confident that the marketing strategy we developed in the ½ day marketing strategy session is on track to achieve what you've always wanted.

Eliminate frustrations and create the business you always wants.

Ten fortnightly sessions and two in-depth sessions over six month, plus email and phone support.

Get a marketing plan that works

Other services

As well as giving you a marketing strategy that works I've a range of marketing services to help you get your strategy up and running.


PR & Marketing

Product launches, media relations, reputation management.

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Copy writing

Writing marketing content. press releases, business proposals.

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